How To Be A 5 Star Uber Driver

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Uber and Lyft are two of the best options out there for part-time job. They’re both highly flexible and have high earning potentials. Whether it’s your side gig or you’re in-between jobs, ridesharing might be the perfect fit. To make top dollar, it’s important to keep a high drive rating.

Here are some tips to stand out as you start in this gig:

1. Showcase professionalism. Riders have come to expect politeness and professionalism from their drivers. This doesn’t mean you have to be up-tight–feel free to let your personality shine. It does mean you should dress nicely, keep your car clean, and greet your riders politely.

2. Show that you are knowledgeable about the city. Even when you are just moonlighting in this job, it is still important that you know your area. If your rider asks for food, entertainment, or other tips, it’s good to have a few go-to answers. What a great excuse to try that new restaurant in town!

3. Practice your navigation. In driving, the top priority should be navigation and safety. However, there are times when you would need to converse with your passenger. With this, your navigation should be perfect and like a second nature to you so as when you navigate, you know exactly how far the navigation would go without having to look on your screen.

4. Make use of apps such as Google Maps. Google map is now integrated with traffic information straight from Waze. Even if you’re born and raised in the city, using Maps will help you find the fastest route based on current traffic conditions, saving you and your passenger time.

5. Your phone should be dash-mounted. Aside from being safe, this is also a way to show your passenger that there’s a GPS that guides you to your destination and that you are not just making up the route of your own. With this, your passenger will feel safe and secure riding with you.

If you’re looking for a flexible job to boost your income, ride sharing can be the perfect side job. Even if it’s just your part-time job, it still helps to have a high rating as a driver. It just might help you earn those extra bucks you’re looking for as a moonlighter.

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Part-Time Moonlighters to Big Time Celebrities

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Most successful people didn’t leap straight into their multi-million dollar careers. Almost no one does. Here are a few successful people who worked part-time jobs before they caught their big break:

1. Boone Pickens had a paper route. You might not know the name off the top of your head, but if you drive a car, ride a bus, or have ever flown in a plane, your life has been affected by T. Boone Pickens, now an oil magnate. When we has younger, however, and just getting his start, he worked part-time as a paper boy.

2. Bruce Willis tended bar at Café Central in NYC. While working this gig, he became close friends with John Goodman, who was a regular at the uptown spot. You would probably show up to order another round too, if Willis was your bartender!

3. Wendy Davis worked as a waitress to put herself through law school. This Texas State senator had to drop out of law school because she wasn’t making enough working part-time as a waitress and a receptionist to support herself and her young family. You gotta respect the hustle.

4. Tyler Perry worked on a construction crew. Even after he wrote and put on his first play (which bombed), Tyler Perry was still moonlighting part-time on construction crews in Atlanta. It was only when he persisted that he finally got the recognition he deserved.

5. Soichiro Honda (yeah, that Honda) worked as a mechanic. The founder of the massive Honda brand got his start working as a mechanic for Toyota. Over the years he worked for them, he submitted hundreds of designs, all of which were rejected. He eventually just decided to start his own brand.

6. Stephen King wrote for Cavalier. Before he could actually get anyone to pay attention to his novels and short stories, Stephen King had a side hustle, writing for Cavalier, a magazine in the same vein as Playboy.

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10 Beautiful Remote Work Locations for Freelancers

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Some locations blend work-life balance by design. Developers and writers alike have been discovering the beauty of co-living as a means to work while they travel. With so many options popping up, here are 10 of the most beautiful remote places for you to start freelancing while you enjoy a vacation that you will definitely love.

1. Vienna –

Entrepreneurs and freelancers are welcomed by in Austria. It is a co-living and co-working space that can fit 20 employees when you launch it. It was launched by 2 entrepreneurs and one digital nomad.

2. Italy – Casa Netural

Any nomad can settle anywhere in Italy comfortably. That is because the team of Casa Netural are growing here in Italy and they are scattered all over the country. Casa Netural have been attracting remote employees, freelancers, developers, writers, startup founders and a lot more. This is only intended for stays that are short-termed, which makes it for a vacation as well.

3. Romania – Pura Vida Hub

In Bucharest, Romania, Pura Vida Hub offers co-working and co-living spaces. In its area, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. The working spaces here are open 24/7 so you can work all you want in addition to the fast internet connection it has.

4. United Kingdom – The Collective

The co-living and co-working spaces offered by The Collective is an affordable and great alternative for the housing market in London. In addition to that, any nomad is give n the assistance in meeting the new community they are in.

5. Spain

There are plenty of co-working and co-living spaces offered in Spain such as Coworking in the Sun, Sende and Sun and Co. Your travel here will certainly give you a lot of opportunities.

6. Portugal – Southwest Collective

This retreat for co-living and co-working is meant to part opportunities for work and part vacation. Entrepreneurs all over the world will be sharing their knowledge and experiences with you while you live with them.

7. Denmark – Nest Copenhagen

The space in Nest Copenhagen is purely for co-living. Currently it is housing more than 20 professional nomads.

8. Hoffice

This is a multi-location co-working and co-living spaces. The concept surrounding it is that nomads and entrepreneurs can live together working and socializing.

9. Hacker Paradise

This is another multi-location spaces. This offers an opportunity to travel mixed with a bit or work. Developers, writers, designers and others are welcome to it.

10. The Remote Experience

Every summer, nomads can visit Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain and Italy through this program. Nomads will be given a chance to live 30 other nomads to live, travel and work together for 4 months.

Living and working are now blended perfectly together. If you can travel, have a vacation while working why not grab the opportunity? This beautiful places will give you 2 of the most important factors in our lives – work and socializing.

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Recruiting the Best Part-Time Employees

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Choosing the right people to hire for your organization–be it in for regular job or moonlight job–is essential to add an asset to your company. When recruiting for employees, choosing the right one should never be downplayed regardless of what business it is.

A successful company has a strong backbone which is the people making up their organization. With this, it is the employer’s duty to ensure that the hiring process for his company is in the best shape possible in order to find and hire the best people with the right talent for the job. If it needs to be approached hands-on, so be it. As the employers, you should be actively participating in your search for best employees for your both full-time job and part-time job vacancy, as you know what you are truly looking for an employee.

A lot of people are looking for a side job that will help them get extra income. With so many applicants wanting to have a second job, how will you choose the best among them?

Here are some tips that will help you in recruiting the best moonlighting employees.

1. Be actively involved in your Hiring Process. As the head of the company, you should be actively participating in the process of hiring new employees even when it is for a part-time job. The thing here is that they will still be working for your company. By playing an active role, you are giving yourself the ability to find the candidate that is the most qualified for the job as well as the person who can fit in the culture in your company.

2. Emphasize your company’s culture. In any company, culture is a part that has its own significance. Regardless if the applicant is looking for a full-time job or a side job, it is important that you give them a clear idea as to the culture in your company. You yourself should have a clear understanding of the culture in your company. You need to know the vision of your company as well as the working environment.

After you have the clear idea of that culture, it is important to let it be known to your current hires as well as the prospective ones. In your hiring process, you should include questions that will determine of the moonlight job seeker will fit in the company or not.

3. Get social. A good strategy for recruiting is comparable to a good strategy in marketing. It is important that you let your name be known out there. That is why you would need to strengthen your social network. Many companies make use of the social media to recruit. This way, you will let more people knew about the part-time job vacancy in your company. With this, more people are likely to apply and you would have wider options.

A lot of people are looking for a side job and if your company have it, they will surely grab the opportunity to get a chance for a second job. As an employee, it is a duty to find the best among them to hire. If you want to find the best one, you check how your company process recruiting new hires.

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