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Part-Time Moonlighters to Big Time Celebrities

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Most successful people didn’t leap straight into their multi-million dollar careers. Almost no one does. Here are a few successful people who worked part-time jobs before they caught their big break:

1. Boone Pickens had a paper route. You might not know the name off the top of your head, but if you drive a car, ride a bus, or have ever flown in a plane, your life has been affected by T. Boone Pickens, now an oil magnate. When we has younger, however, and just getting his start, he worked part-time as a paper boy.

2. Bruce Willis tended bar at Café Central in NYC. While working this gig, he became close friends with John Goodman, who was a regular at the uptown spot. You would probably show up to order another round too, if Willis was your bartender!

3. Wendy Davis worked as a waitress to put herself through law school. This Texas State senator had to drop out of law school because she wasn’t making enough working part-time as a waitress and a receptionist to support herself and her young family. You gotta respect the hustle.

4. Tyler Perry worked on a construction crew. Even after he wrote and put on his first play (which bombed), Tyler Perry was still moonlighting part-time on construction crews in Atlanta. It was only when he persisted that he finally got the recognition he deserved.

5. Soichiro Honda (yeah, that Honda) worked as a mechanic. The founder of the massive Honda brand got his start working as a mechanic for Toyota. Over the years he worked for them, he submitted hundreds of designs, all of which were rejected. He eventually just decided to start his own brand.

6. Stephen King wrote for Cavalier. Before he could actually get anyone to pay attention to his novels and short stories, Stephen King had a side hustle, writing for Cavalier, a magazine in the same vein as Playboy.

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