10 Beautiful Remote Work Locations for Freelancers

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Some locations blend work-life balance by design. Developers and writers alike have been discovering the beauty of co-living as a means to work while they travel. With so many options popping up, here are 10 of the most beautiful remote places for you to start freelancing while you enjoy a vacation that you will definitely love.

1. Vienna –

Entrepreneurs and freelancers are welcomed by in Austria. It is a co-living and co-working space that can fit 20 employees when you launch it. It was launched by 2 entrepreneurs and one digital nomad.

2. Italy – Casa Netural

Any nomad can settle anywhere in Italy comfortably. That is because the team of Casa Netural are growing here in Italy and they are scattered all over the country. Casa Netural have been attracting remote employees, freelancers, developers, writers, startup founders and a lot more. This is only intended for stays that are short-termed, which makes it for a vacation as well.

3. Romania – Pura Vida Hub

In Bucharest, Romania, Pura Vida Hub offers co-working and co-living spaces. In its area, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. The working spaces here are open 24/7 so you can work all you want in addition to the fast internet connection it has.

4. United Kingdom – The Collective

The co-living and co-working spaces offered by The Collective is an affordable and great alternative for the housing market in London. In addition to that, any nomad is give n the assistance in meeting the new community they are in.

5. Spain

There are plenty of co-working and co-living spaces offered in Spain such as Coworking in the Sun, Sende and Sun and Co. Your travel here will certainly give you a lot of opportunities.

6. Portugal – Southwest Collective

This retreat for co-living and co-working is meant to part opportunities for work and part vacation. Entrepreneurs all over the world will be sharing their knowledge and experiences with you while you live with them.

7. Denmark – Nest Copenhagen

The space in Nest Copenhagen is purely for co-living. Currently it is housing more than 20 professional nomads.

8. Hoffice

This is a multi-location co-working and co-living spaces. The concept surrounding it is that nomads and entrepreneurs can live together working and socializing.

9. Hacker Paradise

This is another multi-location spaces. This offers an opportunity to travel mixed with a bit or work. Developers, writers, designers and others are welcome to it.

10. The Remote Experience

Every summer, nomads can visit Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain and Italy through this program. Nomads will be given a chance to live 30 other nomads to live, travel and work together for 4 months.

Living and working are now blended perfectly together. If you can travel, have a vacation while working why not grab the opportunity? This beautiful places will give you 2 of the most important factors in our lives – work and socializing.

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